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Cyber Monday shoppers seek shipping, registration improvement


Mountain View, Calif. – While shipping costs (21%) and registration (20%) were the features that users said needed the most improvement respectively, consumers felt very comfortable purchasing from the Web's top online retailers on Cyber Monday. tested the Top 10 of NRF's Favorite 50 2013 retailers and found that with regard to user sentiment statements on a scale of 1-5, the highest rated statement was "I feel comfortable purchasing from the website" with an average score of 4.41, while the lowest rated statement was "I found the website to be attractive" with an average score of 3.8.

Other features rated as needing improvement included trust symbols (17%), access to customer service (12%) and payment method options (9%). The average likeliness a user would leave a site based on the feature that needs most improvement was 3.5 on a 1-5 scale.

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