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Customers can tap and go at BJ’s Wholesale Club


Columbus, Ohio -- Alliance Data Systems Corp.’s card services business has introduced an EMV-based co-brand credit card solution with tap-and-pay functionality for its retail partners.

The first of these dual-interface chip cards are co-branded with MasterCard and BJ’s Wholesale Club and the Fuel Rewards program. With this new functionality, customers can pay for purchases by tapping their card on a contactless-enabled terminal, making payments simple, easy and fast.

“Alliance Data has always placed a strong focus on delivering intuitive customer experiences that enable our brand partners to build strong affinity with their customers. Contactless cards maintain that heritage by offering a payment method so quick and seamless, shoppers don’t even have to think about it. And that’s what frictionless payments is all about,” said Art Roca, senior director of payment services for Alliance Data’s card services business.

The new tap-and-pay enabled credit cards feature the universal wave symbol – a series of semi-circles – on the front of the card. When customers see the same wave symbol on a payment terminal, they simply need to hold their credit card close to or on the symbol until the terminal indicates the card has been accepted. If a terminal does not feature tap-and-pay functionality, consumers can swipe or insert their credit card, depending on the type of terminal.

“EMV cards offer big protection in a tiny chip,” Roca said. “When we add the contactless technology that allows customers to tap, pay and take away, shoppers can count on convenient, simple and fast ways to buy.”

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