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CSA Exclusive: Lamps Plus in new approach to in-store customer experience

Specialty lighting retailer Lamps Plus is basing a more personalized store environment around the POS.

In a session at the Momentum 2019 conference in Phoenix, executives from Lamps Plus explained how the POS is becoming the focal point of the retailer’s more customer-centric brick-and-mortar operational strategy.

“We wanted to enable new store formats, which required a new POS approach,” said Daniel Nelson, manager, IBM application development, Lamps Plus.

This new approach required a POS solution that Lamps Plus could deploy anywhere without a complicated IT infrastructure, and that would be usable on any device form factor or operating system. In addition, Lamps Plus, which already leveraged Manhattan Associates solutions for order management, store inventory and fulfillment, warehouse management, labor management and slotting, wanted to implement one intuitive application that would provide an enterprise view of customers, orders and inventory in any store, while managing functions including selling, service and fulfillment.

Based on its satisfaction with its existing Manhattan Associates technology infrastructure, Lamps Plus decided to replace its legacy POS system with the omnichannel-centric, cloud-based POS solution from Manhattan Associates.

“We assume the customer expects that when they walk in the store we know everything,” said Nelson. “The challenge is a good experience for the customer.”

Lamps Plus, which has currently rolled out its new integrated Manhattan Associates POS solution at two of its seven stores, ties the POS to the order management system to enable real-time visibility of all customer transactions, including in-store, online and wholesale. The new POS system also simplifies transaction flows for store associates, who previously had to go deep into a menu to find options.

“Everything is on the POS screen – item, price, tax, etc. - across all platforms in real time,” said Nelson. “You can see a customer’s purchase history from the former POS system and online, as well as any customer inquiry from the past decade. The primary goal is to give stores a state-of-the-art POS and integrate it with other core systems. We had the old system with no major upgrades for 15 years.”

Now, Lamps Plus associates can provide customers with the service levels they need at the POS. The brick-and-mortar store knows the customer and can offer greater value by utilizing their omnichannel history.

“The store is part of overall brand experience, engaging with the customer before and after their store visit,” said Nelson.

Manhattan Associates intends to have the new POS system rolled out to all seven stores by September 2019. The solution’s cloud architecture enables Lamps Plus to scale it with a flexible pricing model. In addition, the retailer can constantly add new features in real time, rather than wait for official release upgrades. Lamps Plus can also immediately perform price changes and tax rates and fix errors, rather than go through time- and labor-intensive manual updates.

In addition, Lamps Plus can deploy the POS solution on any device or operating system, opening the opportunity for future mobile “line-busting” checkout options.
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