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Brookstone launches tablet-optimized website


Merrimack, N.H. -- Brookstone announced the launch of a new tablet-optimized website.

"In response to the growing trend of tablet shopping, Brookstone saw the importance of developing a premier tailored shopping experience for our customers to more easily navigate the site, find all the holiday gifts on their list and easily checkout," said Stephen Bebis, president and CEO of Brookstone. "We researched shopping behaviors, and incorporated the most successful retail mobile applications to enhance the experience."

The tablet site incorporates all of the existing features and functionality of its current desktop site, including rich media assets, multiple payment types, and a newly launched search. In addition, the site takes advantage of several newer, tablet-friendly features:

Streamlined page designs: Brookstone has completely redesigned the homepage, product pages, search and browse pages, showcasing site content in a manner optimized for tablet viewing.

Touch-friendly features: Shoppers will experience improved site wide navigation, image swiping, larger features, pinch and tap navigation.

Rich media content: Product pages integrate content important to shoppers, including multiple photos and videos, as they research products and make purchasing decisions.

Upgraded checkout experience: Checkout forms have been completely redesigned for touch, making the purchase experience much simpler for customers while still incorporating all of the security and privacy features provided on

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