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Boscov’s deploys new technology to protect goods

A family-owned department store retailer is using new technology that discourages shoplifting without negatively impacting sales.

Boscov’s has traditionally battled shoplifters by locking up merchandise, requiring employees to come to customers’ assistance. However, unavailable associates, or malfunctioning, constantly beeping alarms could cost the company a sale. By partnering with Checkpoint Systems, the department store retailer has a new method to reduce shrink while lifting sales.

Armed with the technology company’s CableLok solution, the retailer now has a two-alarm system to protect its high-end outwear brands, such as Michael Kors and Calvin Klein. The seven-strand aircraft cable system features flashing LED lights and an amplified alarm. It also promotes open merchandising and free movement in the store, which minimizes sales assistance requirements.

Since implementing CableLok in some stores, Boscov’s shrink has declined about 3% in CableLok-equipped stores. Yet, shrink is increasing in stores without the Checkpoint system, according to Mike Conaway, director of risk management and loss prevention for Boscov’s.

Since outerwear isn’t being stolen as frequently, it is on the rack and accessible to shoppers when they are ready to make a purchase, which contributes to more sales. These successes are pushing the company to expand the technology to more stores, according to Conaway.

Boscov’s operates 48 department stores across seven states.
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