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Athletic footwear brand steps up retailing experience


Shoe Palace is moving into the cloud to enhance its omnichannel operations.

A preferred Nike retailer, Shoe Palace is known for its high-end athletic footwear and apparel, and top-notch customer service. The family-run business opened its first store in San Jose, California in 1993. Today, the company operates 118 stores nationwide, and an e-commerce site.

As Shoe Palace has grown, so has consumer demand for seamless, personalized shopping experiences. To ensure it can consistently deliver its reputable service to its valued customers, Shoe Palace is investing in the Aptos Singular Commerce suite of retail technology solutions.

The platform integrates information across channels to support one complete view of customers, inventory, orders, customer relationship management (CRM), and other operations, ensuring customers never leave the store unfulfilled. Since the platform integrates every part of the enterprise, Shoe Palace is positioned to deliver a seamless customer experiences no matter where, when or how customers shop across the brand.

“Shoe Palace was built on a strong belief that amazing service is the most important reason why any business flourishes,” said George Mersho, Shoe Palace CEO.

“We take great pride in offering customers a rewarding experience every time they step foot into one of our locations,” he said. “We achieve this by offering the best selection of premium and in-demand footwear and apparel brands, by putting the most resourceful associates on the store floor, and now by enhancing customer engagement with our Aptos investment.”

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