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American Dairy Queen freezes out hackers


Minneapolis – American Dairy Queen Corp. (ADQ) is doing its best to freeze out hackers and other security risks with a managed firewall solution from Netsurion. The remotely hosted platform helps ADQ provide security across a network of corporate and franchised stores.

“As proven by recent breaches, basic restrictions on Web traffic are insufficient for combating modern malware attacks,” said Chuck Eicher, ADQ director of restaurant technology. “Netsurion helps write rules and setup protections that meet our franchisees’ unique requirements.”

As an added layer of security, Netsurion’s centrally managed firewall network allows ADQ to have control over outbound network traffic by checking actual Internet addresses. It also actively monitors credit card processing activity to ensure card data is not circumventing the firewall or being re-routed. These prevent data from being sent to malicious sites and countries, as well as denying traffic requests containing other potential vulnerabilities.

In addition, Netsurion's proprietary SAQuick application, paired with its managed security solution, simplify the PCI compliance process and can save franchisees significant time by pre-populating as much as 75% of their annual PCI Security Assessment Questionnaire.

“With the complexity of PCI, we were looking for a service provider who could meet all our needs,” said Eicher. “It was very important for us to choose a solutions provider who could tailor their services to meet the PCI needs that are present in our franchised environment, including multiple POS solutions.”

To help protect against intrusions originating from third-party partners and vendors outside the corporate firewall, Netsurion provides ADQ with a variety of alerts that specifically pertain to rogue equipment being plugged into the network unexpectedly. ADQ also obtains alerts of unusual spikes in volume or suspicious inbound origins or outbound locations of network traffic.

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