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Aisle411 acquires WILocator Indoor Location Positioning Technologies


Palo Alto, Calif. – Aisle411, a mobile retail navigation service, announced the acquisition of WiLocate’s technology assets to provide precise indoor positioning information, expanding Aisle411’s in-store search and navigation offering. As part of the deal, Aisle411 has also acquired multiple patents pending.

With WiLocate’s easily scalable positioning solution, Aisle411 can now deliver accurate user location data to mobile devices, including Android and iOS devices, on top of its established and growing indoor map and search solution.

“Mobile technology is drastically transforming the in-store experience as retailers look to engage shoppers in new and innovative ways,” said Nathan Pettyjohn, CEO of Aisle411. “While we believe a hybrid of technologies will come together to deliver an optimal indoor navigation solution, this new technology adds to the growing portfolio of positioning technology, in-store search and indoor map solutions aisle411 provides.”

“Aisle411’s indoor location positioning technology is a hybrid software-only solution that complements existing and emerging Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and sensor based solutions,” said Kris Kolodziej, VP location services at aisle411. “The addition of these innovative technologies will provide an unparalleled in-store shopping experience for our retail partners and their shoppers.”

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