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Aeropostale prepares for landing in India, Indonesia


New York – Aeropostale Inc. is expanding in Asia through new licensing agreements in India and Indonesia. The company plans to open stores in India through a licensing agreement with Arvind Lifestyle Brands Ltd., and in Indonesia through a licensing agreement with PT Mitra Adiperkasa TBK (MAP).

Aeropostale's expansion plans in India include the opening of 50 standalone stores, 150 shop-in-shops in select locations, and e-commerce operations across the country in the next five years, beginning in March 2016. In addition, the company expects to open 10 to 12 standalone stores in Indonesia during the next five years, with its first store opening in Jakarta in fall 2016.

Aeropostale anticipates ending the year with more than 300 locations across 17 countries. The company plans to announce new global licensing partnerships throughout the year."

"India and Indonesia are two of the most populated countries in the world and see significant opportunities by bringing the Aeropostale brand to these key countries,” said Julian R. Geiger, CEO. “Following the successful launch of our brand in the Philippines and Singapore, we are excited to capitalize on the strong growth prospects in both India and Indonesia.”

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