Oakridge Park teases new luxury tenants ahead of reopening

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Oakridge Park
Oakridge Park's redevelopment started in 2017.

Vancouver shopping center Oakridge Park has announced the tenants that will anchor its luxury retail experience when its redevelopment concludes next year.

Totaling 650,000 square feet with more than 100 leading global brands, including flagship and boutique stores, Oakridge Park is slated to open in the spring of next year. The first stand-alone luxury fashion boutiques at the redesigned center include Maison Margiela, Miu Miu, Christian Louboutin and Alexander Wang, with more retail announcements to follow in 2024.

The redevelopment began in 2017 as a partnership between QuadReal Property Group and Westbank with the goal of transforming what was formerly known as Oakridge Centre into a new 5 million-sq.-ft. town center. The property has been open for 65 years, and has consistently ranked among Canada’s top retail destinations.

"In the world of luxury retail, Oakridge Park in Vancouver stands out as a global exemplar. Located in one of the most livable cities, it features a unique nine-acre park at its heart, blending nature with the fusion of East and West cultures for an unparalleled experience that will further build our economy, and attract diverse consumer bases from around the world,” said Andy Clydesdale, executive VP of global retail at QuadReal Property Group. “Oakridge Park promises a holistic and exceptional cultural environment for both residents and visitors, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of luxury retail real estate.”

As part of the Oakridge Park experience, Time Out Market’s second location in Canada, will be added to enhance the center’s restaurant offerings. The design of the food and cultural market, known for its blend of culinary excellence and cultural experiences, will be inspired by European food halls and contemporary ones in Asia.

Once fully completed, Oakridge Park will total 850,000 square feet with 140+ leading global brands, including flagship and boutiques stores, accommodations for over 6,000 residents through more than 3,000 residences, and 700,000 square feet of office space for over 3,000 professionals.

“Oakridge Park goes beyond physical retail, our aim is to offer an extraordinary experience” said Ian Gillespie, founder & CEO of Westbank. “We hope the new Oakridge Park will serve as a cultural hub for Vancouver that the world will look to for inspiration.”

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