Zumiez turns stores into mini-fulfillment centers


Teen retailer Zumiez has enhanced its omnichannel strategy by using its stores as local fulfillment centers for online purchases.

The Lynwood, Washington-based retailer of board-sports apparel and gear wants to ensure customers can seamlessly shop among its 600-plus brick-and-mortar and digital channels. To that end, it has partnered with supply chain management software provider SalesWarp to aid in the performance of distributed order management, customer service, warehouse management, and in-store fulfillment.

Working closely with Zumiez, SalesWarp developed a distributed order management system, warehouse management system, customer service system, and in-store fulfillment application in six months from design start. The merchant also replaced its warehouse management software, providing a smooth process for putting away and moving inventory and for picking, packing, and shipping orders.

With SalesWarp’s software, Zumiez has gained influence and control over the final user experience, allowing the retailer to target key usability and brand goals within physical stores. The chain configured the software to make it intuitive for store associates to use.

Zumiez believes in a localized fulfillment experience for its customers and as a result, closed its centralized Web fulfillment center in the fourth quarter of 2015.

During the holiday 2015 period, the company conducted extensive testing to ensure that the SalesWarp software could handle the demands of peak season volume. It was able to fulfill in near-real-time through peak season from all store locations, with improvement in delivery and customer service.

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