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Wal-Mart continues to demonstrate newfound creativity with seasonal promotions as evidenced by the launch of the new Web site, The new site, along with the reintroduction of, a site introduced on Dec. 12, are online shopping tools created to simplify gift giving, according to the company. Visitors to the Web sites are asked a series of questions about the gift recipient before a range of gift suggestions are offered based on a determination of personality type.

Aside from clever Web addresses, the new sites are the latest example of the increased integration that exists between Wal-Mart’s online efforts and its physical stores. This was evident in full scale during the past holiday season as Wal-Mart touted the rollout of its site-to-store initiative, which enables orders placed online to be picked up in stores.

Going forward, the introduction of seasonally opportunistic sites such as and are a useful way for Wal-Mart to position itself as a destination for gifts that tend to offer higher margins. The other interesting aspect behind the launch of these sites is the manner in which they were communicated to the media. Wal-Mart’s marketing departments and media relations efforts are more closely integrated than ever before, ensuring the company’s merchandising activities benefit from free publicity.

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