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Wrangler and Drew Brees redefine Comfort in Texas


New Orleans Saints quarterback and Texas native Drew Brees will become mayor for the day of Comfort, Texas, on July 23 when the small town is temporarily renamed Advanced Comfort as part of a promotion for a new line of Wrangler jeans.

In celebration of the launch, Wrangler will kick off a community-based initiative striving to improve towns across America that begins on Wednesday, July 23, when the town of Comfort is renamed Advanced Comfort for six months.

“We selected the town of Comfort, Texas, not only because of its name association, but because the town and people represent everything Wrangler stands for – hard work, integrity and the ability to enjoy the small comforts of life,” said Craig Errington, Wrangler vp of marketing. “Backed by Mayor Brees, we’re excited to help local residents #GetMoreComfortable in both their jeans and in their beloved town.”

Under his new executive title, Brees will publicly announce the town’s name change at the July 23 celebration which will include entertainment and activities for all ages. Wrangler will arrive in the Texas town about an hour northwest of San Antonio bearing gifts aiming to advance the community’s level of comfort and its resident’s daily lives, according to Wrangler. On the list are more than 3,000 pairs of jeans to outfit the men in attendance, a Wrangler Comfort Zone complete with seat upgrades at the local high school football stadium, and a community donation. Men will be invited to take the “Wrangler Comfort Challenge,” led by Brees, made up of a series of football drills that demonstrate the jeans’ four-way flex technology.

“I’m proud to be a Wrangler guy particularly for this Advanced Comfort campaign. To have the honor of being mayor, on a day focused on giving back to a deserving community, makes my role that much more rewarding,” Brees said. “I’m looking forward to spending the day with wonderful people not far from where I grew up in Texas. We’ll take the guys through some drills in their new jeans, and help Wrangler make Advanced Comfort, Texas, the most comfortable town in America.”

Leading up to the event, Wrangler will release a video series on its YouTube channel to showcase the people and places of Comfort, a close-knit community of 2,300 people. Through the series, viewers will learn how they can nominate their town to be the next to #GetMoreComfortable with Wrangler.

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