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‘Workbars:’ The new gym membership?


The mobile workforce is changing the face of the workplace, and Staples wants to lead the next phase of this change.

The chain is partnering with Workbar, a network of co-working office spaces, to create dedicated “workplaces” for the growing mobile workforce, startups, small business customers and independent professionals across three redesigned stores in the Greater Boston community. The innovative collaboration is driving the “workplace of the future,” where a coworking membership is as common as a gym membership, according to a company statement.

Called Workbar by Staples, each of the 2,500-sq.-ft. to 3,500-sq.-ft. custom-designed facilities feature a mix of high-end workspaces, conference rooms, private phone rooms, fast and secure Wi-Fi, printers, natural light, and bottomless coffee and tea to keep the connectivity and productivity flowing for business customers. Unlike remote employees that work from home offices, these spaces foster community interaction with a network of like-minded people.

“We’re always looking for ways to support and enhance productivity for our customers, and this partnership allows us to provide a collaborative, convenient environment where business people can make their workdays more productive and enjoyable,” said Peter Scala, executive VP of merchandising, Staples. “The new Workbar at Staples locations are amazing new venues within our stores that provide our business customers with the creative space, office essentials and support to run their business or launch a new idea.”

Workbar at Staples membership costs $130 per month, and includes use of a single Workbar at Staples location, and two-day access to 15 other Workbar Network locations throughout greater Boston. Membership also includes two hours of reservable room access. For an extra $100, members can purchase an additional 10 hours of reservable room access.
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