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Winn-Dixie uses 2D scanners to analyze shoppers’ driver’s licenses


Jacksonville, Fla. Winn-Dixie Stores’ new point-of-sale scanner is helping the chain speed up the checkout process as well as support age-verification compliances when scanning shoppers’ driver’s licenses.

The chain is adding Gryphon 2D Plus Imager scanners, from Datalogic, Eugene, Ore., which have high-speed optics that allow retailers to accurately capture data from fast-moving items as well as those underneath shopping carts. In addition, the 2D scanner can process new GS1 data barcodes for produce and other variable-weight merchandise.

It will also help the chain improve verification of age-restricted merchandise. Retailers are required to adhere to federal standards to verify customers’ driver’s license data, including age, date of birth and license-expiration date when shoppers purchase items such as tobacco and alcohol. The scanner eliminates manual data entry, increases efficiency at the retail point of sale and prevents errors in the sale of controlled items.

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