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Winn-Dixie automates ordering process


Jacksonville, Fla. Winn-Dixie is adding a computer-generated ordering system that will aid in automating orders, optimize inventory and reduce out-of-stocks.

With the implementation of SuperStore from Dallas-based SAF, Winn-Dixie will begin automating fulfillment orders based on forecasted sales and current inventory levels. Forecasts will consider such factors as seasonal effects, promotions, price changes and advertising campaigns. Micro-forecasting will allow each item’s sales history to be used to address changing sales patterns in each store to meet localized demand.

“The technology will improve our in-stock position of everyday and promoted products, reduce out-of-stocks, and ultimately increase sales revenues across the supply chain,” said Charlie Weston, CIO, Winn-Dixie.

The chain plans to conduct computer-generated ordering chainwide throughout its 520 stores.

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