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Williams-Sonoma brews up a Starbucks offering


SAN FRANCISCO — The single cup brewing trend as arrived at Williams-Sonoma in the form of the Starbucks’ deluxe Verismo System 585.

According to the company, the Verismo System 585 is the first at-home premium single cup machine that makes Starbucks-quality espresso beverages and brewed coffee with the touch of a button. The system is available in the deluxe 585 or base 580 model online and will be available in stores beginning Sept. 28.

The deluxe Verismo 585 boasts a larger 3.5 liter water tank, custom temperature control and adjustable, programmable beverage size settings.

“Much like Starbucks, Williams-Sonoma takes great pride in providing customers with exceptional quality and the latest innovations,” said Richard Harvey, brand president of Williams-Sonoma. “We’re thrilled to be chosen as the first retailer to offer the Verismo 585, a highly innovative coffee system that will bring the Starbucks phenomenon to our customers in the convenience of their homes.”

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