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WibiData introduces personalization platform


SAN FRANCISCO — Big Data personalization provider WibiData has launched WibiRetail, a new software platform designed for retailers to rapidly deploy algorithmically-driven personalized shopping experiences. WibiRetail provides intent-aware commerce applications that use in-the-moment data to determine whether a consumer is shopping for herself, a family member or a partner.

It also helps retailers deliver discovery and browsing experiences that engage consumers with media and editorial content that appeals to their unique tastes and preferences, as well as email and mobile marketing offers that reflect consumers’ current behavior and context.

“Retailers are no longer competing against just themselves, but also against the experiences that consumers have grown to love from Google, Facebook, and Twitter,” said Garrett Wu, founder and CTO, WibiData. “In order to compete with these experiences, companies must make a shift to big data and analytics techniques pioneered by these technology giants. We built WibiRetail to solve this problem, empowering retailers to move beyond stale batch analysis and segmentation and into the era of experimentation, big data and real-time machine learning for true one-to-one experiences with their customers.”

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