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Whole Foods touts kosher offerings


AUSTIN, Texas — Whole Foods is taking the opportunity to reach out to its Jewish consumers by reminding them that it has a number of kosher-certified items for Hannukah, which begins Dec. 20.

The retailer is touting its availability ofwhole organic turkeys, pumpkin puree and roasted chestnuts to latkes, matzo meal and Hanukkah gelt (chocolate coins).

Specifically Whole Foods is offering:

  • Potato pancake, whole wheat matzo meal, latkes, natural cake, stuffing and soup mixes from Streit's® a family-owned purveyor of kosher food since 1925

  • Organic soups and dishes from Fig Food

  • Gefen Chestnuts, roasted and peeled

  • Yehuda Lightly Salted and Toasted Onion Gluten Free Matzo Crackers

  • An assortment of Simply Organic® gluten-free and vegetarian baking mixes

  • Elyon Kosher Marshmallows

  • Responsibly-sourced, Whole Trade Hanukkah gelt from Divine Chocolate

  • Organic Concord Grape Juice and Gefilte Fish from Kedem, a family business for eight generations

  • Exclusive So Delicious Chocolate Mint Milk made from creamy coconut milk

  • Hanukkah candles

Select Whole Foods Market stores will also offer antibiotic-free kosher poultry options from Kosher Valley including fresh and frozen whole young turkeys and chickens, ground turkey and value pack options, which are all certified by the Orthodox Union and the K'hal Adath Jeshurun.

"Our customers can always count on us for the highest quality holiday products," said Errol Schweizer, senior global grocery coordinator for Whole Foods Market. "Whether they're looking for traditional holiday staples or the best organic and gourmet offerings, Whole Foods Market is a great kosher destination."

While Whole Foods may have an impressive selection of kosher products compared with other grocers, it faces stiff competition in largely Jewish areas where entirely kosher supermarkets provide the assortment of products not available at typical food retailers.

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