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Whole Foods retools its recycling program


Whole Foods Market is embarking on a project to teach its environmentally-minded customers that not all recycling is created equal.

The retailer announced a new partnership with Recycling Across America that aims to help reduce global waste and close the loop with the reuse of recycled materials in manufacturing.

“Whole Foods Market is proud to play a role in Recycle Across America’s important movement towards standardized labels for recycling bins,” said Karen Franczyk, green mission coordinator for Whole Foods Market’s North Atlantic region. “Our customers share our commitment to environmental stewardship and by supporting the Let’s recycle right! Campaign, we are giving them a valuable tool towards supporting that goal. Additionally, Whole Foods Market is proud to be donating standardized recycling labels to a number of our local schools. Educating our youngest stakeholders is a crucial step towards creating real environmental change for the future.”

As a result of the collaboration, RAA’s easy-to-understand society-wide standardized labels are starting to be displayed on trash and recycling bins at Whole Foods Markets in the North Atlantic Region locations, making it easier for employees and customers to recycle right. RAA’s society-wide standardized labels for recycling bins have proven to increase recycling levels between 50-100% while significantly reducing the amount of garbage that typically contaminates the recycling process as a result of the public’s confusion at the bin.

Additionally, in an independent national focus group to test the efficacy and appeal of the standardized labels against other recycling labels, the standardized labels won in each category.

“It’s outstanding to be partnering with Whole Foods Market in the North Atlantic region,” said Mitch Hedlund, Executive Director of RAA. “Whole Foods hits on every touch-point of this solution because they are a high-profile consumer brand, retailer and manufacturer. In a way, Whole Foods Market is the perfect trifecta to demonstrate the three critical players it takes to properly ‘close the loop.’ Whole Foods Market’s overall brand resonates with society as high quality and environmentally progressive, therefore working with them is a powerful alliance to help this solution advance more quickly. Leaders for progress such as WFM-NA are environmental game changers because they are able to inspire change at a macro level to rapidly pollinate progress. The fact that they are also donating standardized labels to schools further demonstrates their ongoing commitment to sustainability that will benefit our planet for generations to come.”

Founded in 1980 in Austin, Texas, Whole Foods Market is the leading natural and organic food retailer, with more than 405 stores in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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