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Whole Foods helps customers combat cold, flu season


AUSTIN — Whole Foods is focusing on immune support by offering educational podcasts, in-store lectures, a brochure and a "seasonal wellness shopping list" to customers this fall.

Whole Foods said that the promotion, which is being held during the months of October and November, is part of the Be Good to Your Whole Body campaign.

"As the seasons begin to change, there's no better time of year to strengthen the body's defenses," said Jeremiah McElwee, executive Whole Body coordinator at Whole Foods. "In the Whole Body department, shoppers will find natural options to gear up for cold and flu season, including products that can help nourish, strengthen and support the body's defenses."

The promotion includes:

  • In-store lectures by Whole Body experts, which will provide shoppers with ideas and tips on staying healthy throughout the cold and flu season;

  • An in-store brochure offers seasonal wellness tips to prepare for cold and flu season;

  • Three cold and flu audio podcasts, which will be available online this month; and

  • The Whole Foods "seasonal wellness shopping list," which explores herbs and nutrients that may offer immune system support.

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