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Whole Foods Generates Clean Energy


South Windsor, Conn. Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods Market announced Monday that its new store in Glastonbury, Conn., will be the first supermarket ever to use fuel-cell technology. Whole Foods has partnered with UTC Power to produce clean energy designed to reduce its carbon footprint.

The new Connecticut store will be the first supermarket to generate most of its power on-site with an ultra-clean fuel cell from UTC Power.

“We are always looking to reduce our impact on the environment,” said Kathy Loftus, global leader, sustainable engineering, maintenance and energy for Whole Foods Market. “Together with UTC Power and the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, we’ve designed a combined cooling, heating and power system for our new Glastonbury store using a quiet, highly energy-efficient fuel cell that will reduce our carbon footprint dramatically.”

The new 46,000-sq.-ft. store at 55 Welles Street in the Fox Run Mall opens its doors at 10 a.m. on March 12 and will generate 50% of the electricity and heat and nearly 100% of the hot water needed to operate the store on-site using fuel-cell technology. This allows Whole Foods Market to reduce its burden on the power grid and its impact on the environment.

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