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Whole Foods execs barred from online forums


AUSTIN, Texas Whole Foods has update its code of business conduct, barring senior officers from speaking about the company on online forums that are not sponsored by Whole Foods.

The company said that the change was made to prevent improper use of company information, and to avoid giving the impression that statements made in an internet chat room, message board or blog are on Whole Foods behalf. Whole Foods added that postings can not involve any matter related to the company or its competitors or vendors, nor can they be made under the person's name, anonymously, under a screen name or through another person.

Whole Foods said that anyone who violates this policy may be dismissed from the company.

Whole Foods policy change comes not so far after ceo John Mackey admitted to posting messages on an online message board under the alias "rahodeb."

In July, right in the middle of Whole Foods battle with the FTC over its merger with Wild Oats, Mackey confirmed that he submitted postings to a Yahoo! forum regarding Wild Oats from 1999 to 2006, saying that its stock was too high and the company would go bankrupt. He later apologized for his participation, saying that it was an error in judgment.

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