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Whole Foods backs Bay Area BPA ban


EMERYVILLE, Calif. Whole Foods Market Northern California's Whole Body coordinator Shoshana Friedman will join San Francisco Supervisor Michaela Alioto-Pier in support of legislation urging retail stores and hospitals in the city to discontinue selling or using baby bottles containing the plastic bisphenol-A (BPA). This press conference coincides with Whole Foods Market's initiative to significantly expand its current selection of over 1,000 baby products to include an additional 200 new "Eco Baby" items that are safe, healthy and environment-friendly.

"As the parent of a toddler, I want to feel confident that the choices I'm making are not only safe and healthy but also environmentally responsible," said Shoshana Friedman, Whole Body coordinator for Whole Foods Market Northern California. "That's what makes our Eco Baby Centers so valuable, moms and dads can rest easy knowing they are buying the safest and highest quality natural and organic products for their babies and toddlers because they've passed our buyers' rigorous scrutiny."

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