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Which retailer will dominate online holiday shopping?


A familiar name factors heavily into the online holiday shopping plans of consumers.

According to a new poll from Reuters and Ipsos, 51% of consumers plan to do most or all of their online holiday shopping at This dwarfs the next-most-popular specific retailer, Walmart, favored by 16%.

Other traditional and online retailers combined for the second-highest response of 18%. Other popular retailers with low responses include Target (3%) and Macys (2%).

In one good piece of news for omnichannel players like Walmart, Target and Macy’s, 33% of consumers plan to shop both online and at stores. A similar percentage plan to shop primarily at stores (18%) and online (17%). Sixteen percent are unsure, while 8% each said they would only shop at stores or online.

Survey results show that despite significant investments in e-commerce and omnichannel commerce by brick-and-mortar chains such as Walmart and Target, still dominates the online retail space by a healthy margin.

With Amazon starting to dip its toes into physical retailing, retailers like Walmart will need to step up both their online retail capabilities and consumer engagement.

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