Where will consumers do their holiday shopping this year?

Consumers have no intention of exclusively shopping online this holiday season.

In fact, a majority (88%) plan to shop in stores this holiday season, according to the “In-Store Holiday Shopping” study from Natural Insight, a cloud-based retail execution and workforce management platform provider.

These in-store shoppers will encompass both women and men, and mostly those in younger generations. For example, 88% of 18-29 year- olds said they will shop in stores this holiday season (an 8% increase from 2017), along with 92% of 30-44 year-olds – a 6% increase from last year. More than half (55%) of consumers said they opt to shop in stores so they can browse and find new gift ideas.

Forty-seven percent of consumers plan to do their holiday shopping in November, a 10% jump from last year. When it comes to finishing up, women aren't the only ones who will be wrapping gifts early. This year, 46% of men intend to complete the majority of their holiday shopping before December, versus only 35% last year.

Overall, 54% of shoppers expect to spend less than $250 in stores this year. Of those who do plan on spending more, men will be the big spenders, with 19% planning to shell out more than $500.

Even though they are headed to the stores this holiday season, some shoppers are not looking forward to the experience. In fact, 65% of customers listed large crowds being the top reason why in-store shopping is stressful. Not being able to find what they are looking for was named a close second (49%), according to the study.

“The survey results highlight the significance of providing an exceptional in-store experience to drive foot traffic and sales this holiday shopping season,” said Stefan Midford, CEO and president of Natural Insight. “Today’s consumers exist in a world that moves at an unparalleled pace, and retailers need to embrace changing consumer needs and be prepared for early holiday shoppers to remain competitive.”
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