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What’s a Treasure Truck? Ask Amazon.


New York -- The world’s largest online retailer will soon be driving around and selling product out of a truck — a truck that looks like a giant Amazon package.

Amazon has unveiled its new “Treasure Truck” service in the Seattle area, with the retailer taking a standard delivery truck and dressing it up to look like an oversized Amazon package, complete with logo and icons and a thick black line encircling the entire thing. To see a video, click here.

Starting Saturday, June 27, in Seattle, customers can pull up the Treasure Truck's daily deal (only one item is offered per day) on Amazon's mobile shopping app, purchase it, and choose a time and one of the pre-determined locations to pick it up. Customers can also take their chances and walk up to the truck and buy the product on site. (By the way, the truck starts moving at 7 a.m.) The company hasn’t released a schedule, saying only the

The Treasure Truck's first offering is a $99 Solstice Bali paddleboard set, which typically retails for $480. Other upcoming deals will include an "exclusive, limited-edition" Glassybaby, two porterhouse 24-oz steaks for $20, and a Firmstrong Beach Cruiser bicycle for $99.

Amazon is promising a "wide-range of amazing items, such as popular consumer products, hard-to-find and exclusive gourmet foods, items from local producers with a unique story, and more."

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