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What’s Hot: Choc Full O’ Chocolate


Once upon a time, wine was wine and chocolate was chocolate. But that would be too simple for today’s more aware, more discerning consumer—the one some call the foodie. Foodies need more.

To satisfy the lust for more, Theo Chocolate has added its 3400 Phinney bar line, Hazelnut Crunch Dark Chocolate (pictured) and Fig Fennel Almond Dark Chocolate. Theo distinguishes its product line with unusual flavors and whimsical packaging, not to mention positioning it as the only “true” bean-to-bar organic and Fair Trade Certified chocolate in the United States. In other words, Theo transforms the cocoa bean into the finished products they sell using a completely organic process and doesn’t just melt organic chocolate purchased from another source to create its finished product.

All that translates into some pretty significant pricing. The hazelnut bar, featuring a 40% milk chocolate blend mixed with chunks of hazelnuts, sugar brittle and a tinge of salt for a sophisticated sweet/salty flavor, and the fig bar, featuring 65% dark chocolate with crunchy slivered almonds, Calimyrna figs and flavorful dried fennel, each retail for $3.29 for a 2-oz. bar.

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