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What’s Hot: Appliances Gain Energy


Energy Star appliances have been around since the 1990s, but sales have skyrocketed in the past few years as people have become more aware of the positive impact Energy Star has on the environment and their wallets.

In 2006, a total of 38% of the 9.4 million residential washers sold in the United States came with the Energy Star logo, compared to just 9% in 2000. The washers saved an estimated 20 billion gallons of water and 500 million kilowatt hours of energy.

And those washers keep getting better. The Kenmore Elite HE5T uses 71% less water than a standard washer, without a loss in performance. The GE King Capacity Washer provides users with four different water levels, so as to use as little water as possible for each load. And Whirlpool washers, like the Whirlpool Duet (pictured), use 50% less energy for a full load than standard washers.

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