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Wet Seal selects SAS for size profiling


Foothill Ranch, Calif. The Wet Seal said Tuesday it has selected SAS Size Profiling to more effectively distribute clothing sizes in its individual stores.

SAS, a business-analytics software and services provider based in Cary, N.C., has begun working with Wet Seal to roll out the software.

“Using SAS Size Profiling means our customers will find the fashion they want in their preferred sizes through most of the main selling season,” said Wet Seal CIO Jon Kubo. “We expect this will minimize markdowns and lost sales as the use of accurate, store-specific size profiles for each style will minimize situations where we order too many or too few of any specific size.”

Kubo added that Wet Seal anticipates the solution will enhance customer-service levels and boost margins. “Automating this aspect of our ordering and buying processes with the very sophisticated size-related analytics in SAS Size Profiling helps ensure no opportunity is lost,” he said.

SAS Size Profiling is designed to transform historical sales data into accurate projections of future demand by size. Integrated with existing merchandising systems, it applies this intelligence to purchasing and allocation workflows. The result is optimal, store-specific size profiles that match local demand. Both pre-season and in-season profiling are systematized through an intuitive user interface and automated workflow.

Wet Seal operates 495 stores in 47 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, including 412 Wet Seal stores and 83 Arden B stores.

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