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Webinar: What retailers need to know about omnichannel integration


Many retailers are still on a quest to offer customers a seamless experience. The goal, while elusive, is attainable to those who follow five key steps outlined in a new Webinar from Netsuite titled, “Is Your Customer’s Journey a Happy One?”

Many retailers are not where they would like to be when it comes to be when it comes to offering the customers an omnichannel experience. Brick-and-mortar stores are disconnected from websites and distribution centers. Oftentimes brands are retrofitting their current software solutions with best-of-breed touchpoint systems. The approach may improve one channel for a short time but it doesn’t solve the underlying problem of cobbled connections that are fracturing inventory and customer data and providing a fuzzy picture of actionable information.

According to leading cloud-based omnichannel software solutions provider Netsuite, if retailers continue on this path of applying bandages to leaky processes, they won’t have the flexibility to adapt with customers as they changes nor will they have the means to scale their business. This is especially true in the fashion world, where speed and timing are crucial. That’s why Netsuite is a proponent of a single record of the truth in which inventory, customer and order management systems are connected to front-end commerce systems – all in the name of providing customers the relevant experiences they are demanding.

The company has created a new Webinar called, “Is Your Customer’s Journey a Happy One?" in which it outlines the five strategic steps fashion brands can take to resolve technology obstacles that inhibit innovation and threaten desirable customer experiences. Learn about the top challenges retailers face in delivering a true omnichannel experience and how to overcome those inhibitors by participating in the webinar led by Matthew Rhodus, industry solutions executive, retail, and Branden Jenkins, general manager, retail.

To register for the Nov. 3 event, click here.

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