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Wearable tech takes fashionable step forward


The worlds of technology and fashion continue to merge with the most recent example involving the Fossil Group’s involvement with Google for a new line called Android Wear.

Fossil Group, the $3.3 billion global fashion accessories company, said it was working with Google to support the extension of Android technology in wearable products branded as Android Wear. As part of the launch, Google also released a developer preview of Android Wear so that developers are better able to build rich wearable experiences for their existing Android apps.

"We are an innovation and design-driven company that creates watches, jewelry and handbags that our customers fall in love with every day," said Greg McKelvey, chief strategy and marketing officer for Fossil Group. "We believe we are uniquely positioned to develop and bring to market products for our fashion customers that marry the beauty of our designs, the promise of our brands and now the function of new technology. Although still very much in the formative research and development stage, we are committed to playing an active role in the push toward wearable technology and helping to shape the fusion of fashion and technology.”

Fossil brand products are sold in retail outlets in 130 countries and the company also operates 540 stores.

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