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Wayfair shifts veteran exec to new role


Michael O’Hanlon, who has been an executive with Wayfair Inc. for a decade, is transitioning to a new role with the company.

O’Hanlon has been named VP of government and industry relations. Previously Wayfair’s VP of corporate and business development since September 2006, O’Hanlon will now spearhead government relations strategy and ongoing collaboration with legislators, policymakers, regulators and other industry leaders at the federal, state and local levels.

“With a decade of experience developing strategic partnerships with external agencies, retailers, brands and e-commerce businesses for Wayfair, Mike is the perfect fit to spearhead our government relations efforts,” said Michael Fleisher, CFO, Wayfair. “We’re thrilled to welcome Mike to this new role as he works to strengthen existing industry partnerships and build relationships with key government entities on behalf of Wayfair and its stakeholders.”

Previously O’Hanlon led Wayfair’s business development and merger and acquisition strategy, where he developed key strategic partnerships with online marketplaces and media publications, and founded and led Wayfair’s media solutions business.

“I am delighted to move into a new leadership role advocating for Wayfair and spearheading our government relations initiatives,” said O’Hanlon. “Wayfair has strong, longstanding relationships with industry leaders, and I look forward to building on those partnerships while developing new connections with federal, state and local governments and agencies.”
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