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Washington, D.C.-area mall to get mixed-use makeover


Forest City Realty Trust has announced the completion of an agreement with Arlington County, Virginia, to transform Ballston Common Mall in a mixed-use project to be renamed Ballston Quarter.

The public-private partnership will open up the existing enclosed mall, create a public plaza in the space, and add a 406-residence residential tower adjacent to the retail center. The plan also calls for infrastructure improvements including a renovated pedestrian bridge and new landscaping

Arlington County will fund up to $55.5 million in redevelopment costs for Ballston Quarter, located in Arlington, about four miles from Washington, D.C.

“Ballston Common Mall was the first project I worked on at the company, and now Ballston Quarter will be the newest example of our urban, mixed-use, place-making strategy," said Forest City Washington president Deborah Ratner Salzberg.

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