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Warehouse, London

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British apparel retailer Warehouse has transformed its London flagship as part of a major brand overhaul.

Designed to feel like a continuation of the street, the two-level, 2,700-sq.-ft. store balances modernity with a gritty urban character. Shoppers are meant to feel as if they are walking between two buildings. They are guided through the space by bold accent yellow, traffic line-like markings on the concrete floor that eventually run into the staircase handrail. Details such as manhole covers built into the concrete floor enhance the feel.

Design firm Checkland Kindleysides created a series of digital content that is shown on screens at the entrance and back of the store. The moving representation of the sky features birds that fly from the first screen to the back. The content is interwoven into seasonal brand campaigns from Warehouse.

In addition, light-boxes are scattered around the space providing visual backdrops of city scenery and skylines to break up the merchandising and to reinforce the sense of being between spaces.

Warehouse was designed by Checkland Kindleysides In collaboration with Warehouse brand consultant Alasdhair Willis.

Founded in 1976 and owned by Aurora Fashions, Warehouse operates some 350 stores in the United Kingdom. In recent years, the brand has found itself dwarfed by such fast-fashion giants as H&M and Topshop. In 2015, it launched a rebranding initiative to touch every part of the brand. Its merchandise has been upgraded with better cuts and quality, and targeted to appeal to busy urban women on the go. The company also appointed Alasdhair Willis, creative director at Hunter, as brand consultant.
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