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Warby Parker, Dallas

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Warby Parker, the hip online eyewear retailer, has opened its sixth retail location, a 1,050-sq.-ft. store in Dallas.

The store has a 1950s classroom look, with books, globes, school supplies, apples and a wall of framed eyewear frames illustrated on chalkboards. A sculpture of a giant pencil sticks out of the roof, and an old-fashioned yellow school bus is parked outside. (The same bus visited several U.S. cities last year on the Warby Parker’s “Class Trip” promotion.) The bus, which has been fitted with leather sofas and oak shelves and houses Warby Parker’s nonprescription sunglass selection, will be parked permanently outside the store.

“Shoppers’ expectations are so much higher now because they have so many choices, partly because of e-commerce,” said Warby Parker co-founder Neil Blumenthal, a report on “So to stand out, the best retailers will create the best experiences because shopping is also a form of entertainment.”

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