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Walmart's latest Chicago push


CHICAGO In its latest effort to expand in the Chicago market, Walmart announced a goal to work with the city to build several dozen stores that create approximately 12,000 jobs in Chicago over the next five years as part of a long-term initiative called the "Chicago Community Investment Partnership."

Walmart outlined the following goals:


    * Open several dozen stores across the city of varying size and format.       * Create approximately 10,000 associate positions and 2,000 unionized construction jobs.     * Generate more than $500 million in sales and property taxes.     * Pay competitive wages at all levels, for Walmart associates across Chicagoland.     * Develop charitable partnerships in Chicago worth $20 million.



"We want to deliver long-term solutions that benefit Chicago and its residents," said Hank Mullany, EVP and president Walmart North, Walmart U.S.  "While our goals are dependent on our ability to site and build stores in a timely fashion, we remain confident that we can make a real difference to Chicagoans in need of a job and those who seek more convenient access to fresh, affordable food, especially those living in the City's underserved communities."


Alderman Anthony Beale of the 9th Ward also expressed his support.


"Our city is facing a number of challenges but most of all, we need good jobs. There is a growing divide between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots' and this initiative has the potential to begin to level the playing field for all Chicagoans."

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