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Walmart teams up with payLo by Virgin Mobile


Walmart continues to press on the mobile phone front with an exclusive deal with Virgin Mobile. As of Saturday, June 21, Virgin Mobile’s payLo will offer customers domestic unlimited voice or unlimited texting for $20 per month.

For budget-conscious consumers who don’t need a smartphone, payLo offers affordable devices and value-driven monthly plans. Customers who purchase a Kyocera Kona or Samsung Montage in participating Walmart stores or at can choose between two exclusive $20-per-month offers:

  • $20 Unlimited Talk (includes unlimited voice and 50 messages)

  • $20 Unlimited Text (includes unlimited messaging and 50 minutes of voice)

“The no-contract market continues to grow, most visibly with smartphones, but many customers find value with unlimited plans without the extra bells and whistles,” said Angela Rittgers, VP, marketing, Sprint’s Prepaid Group. “Through this exclusive offering, payLo is providing the best choice in basic wireless for millions of customers.”

In addition to the two $20 exclusive offerings, Walmart customers can also choose the existing $30 Talk & Text plan or the $40 Unlimited Talk & Text plan. Additional minutes, messages and data will be available at existing rates of $0.10/min, $0.15 for text messages, $0.25 for picture messages and $1.50/MB for web access.

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