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Walmart taps Datacert’s Passport platform for legal department management


Houston -- Datacert, a global provider of enterprise legal management solutions, announced that Walmart has selected Datacert's Passport technology platform, to help strategically manage the chain’s domestic legal processes and systems. In addition, Walmart will implement Datacert's matter management and spend management systems, which are built on Passport.

According to Datacert, Passport is the only enterprise legal management platform available that allows even the most expansive law departments to integrate all legal technology solutions in one space, including complementary software that supports other business processes, e.g., e-discovery, litigation holds, document management, etc. Consolidating systems on Passport will provide Walmart with enhanced visibility into its legal-related business. Among other benefits, this will provide collaboration internally and with outside firms the legal team currently manages.

“A detailed review of key legal department management systems helped us determine that it was time to upgrade our existing spend and matter management systems to embrace more current technologies and features, and to implement a platform that simplifies the integration of other best-in-class legal department management systems," said Ken Vermilion, senior director, Walmart. "Following an extensive RFP process, we selected Passport because it proved to be the only platform with the comprehensive capabilities to meet our current requirements and easily evolve to support our future needs. The ease of configuration and integration that Passport offers, combined with user-friendly features in Datacert's matter management system, will help us greatly enhance legal process efficiency."

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