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Walmart to see clearly for three more years


Lost in the crush of holiday related news this week was a supply chain visibility related announcement involving Walmart and an obscure company called I.D. Systems, Inc.

Walmart uses I.D. System’s trailer and tracking management services branded as VeriWise to manage a range of logistics assets. The new development this week involved a three year contract extension whereby Walmart will continue using I.D. System’s services.

"Walmart has been a longtime customer of I.D. Systems, for both our transportation asset management and vehicle management systems," said Kenneth Ehrman, I.D. Systems' chairman and CEO. "We are delighted to continue our strong relationship with the world's largest retailer."

The VeriWise technology employs sensors, wireless, and web technologies to provide real-time visibility and control of trailers and their cargo. The systems automatically identify, analyze, and respond to critical transportation issues to improve the efficiency and security of logistics operations. A solution called VeriWise Dry Van is an advanced trailer monitoring system with patented full-length cargo detection sensors and solar charging technology. The system reports reliable, uninterrupted trailer location and loaded/ unloaded status, even if the trailer is disconnected from tractor power for an extended period. The system helps trailers turn faster and in the process increase asset utilization, improved cargo security and fleet efficiency.

I.D. Systems offers other cool tracking technologies called VeriWise Intermodal, Chassis and Reefer. The Intermodal system enables enables visibility and control of containers from the seaport to the rail yard and ultimately to the final destination, marking loading and unloading events, which helps increase shipments and revenue per container.

The Chassis system provides visibility to chassis location and loaded/unloaded status. The system also captures gate times/locations and container mount times/locations to start and stop the billing clock, resulting in increased data reliability and more accurate billing. The Reefer system refers to refrigerated trailer management solution and allows users to manage temperature set points remotely and react to problems with real-time alerts based on automatic exception data analysis.

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