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Walmart kiosks to offer health assessments and rewards with new partnership


Walmart is launching a new initiative with InComm and Pursuant Health that allows health plans to promote health risk assessments at kiosks in Walmart stores.

InComm, a leading prepaid product and transaction services company, and Pursuant Health (formerly SoloHealth) announced the partnership at the 2015 Money 2020 Conference in Las Vegas.

Health plans will be able to issue their members branded incentive cards with healthy rewards as part of the completion of the HRA. The card and restricted reward program will be powered by the InComm Health and Affinity Enhanced Payment Platform.

“One of our goals at Walmart is to be the number one provider of affordable health care. We are always looking for solutions that drive down costs and improve the lives of our customers. Combining the Pursuant kiosks with a targeted wellness rewards program is a natural fit for our retail strategy,” said Alex Hurd, senior director, product development, growth and payer innovation, health and wellness at Walmart.

Health plans participating in the program can offer a call to action to their members in the form of a tailored rewards card, which will be activated at the Pursuant Health kiosk on completion of the HRA and biometric assessment. Once the HRA is completed, the card will immediately be funded with reward dollars that can be spent in-store on healthy items. The reward and the items can be restricted by the employer and health plan to the individual product or SKU (stock keeping unit).

On completion of the HRA the response data can then be sent back to the health plan or health care provider for next steps and proactively address any issues the HRA may have raised.

“Our restricted spend platform is an ideal place for health plans and retailers to meet,” said David Vielehr, senior vice president/GM, InComm Healthcare and Affinity. “We create product specific rewards that match the goals of the HRA and are conveniently redeemed at the point of sale.”

Pursuant Health’s HRA is comprised of age, gender and risk dependent questions as well as kiosk biometric measurements of weight, BMI, blood pressure and pulse. Questions cover every aspect of overall wellness in order to provide a holistic health profile of the individual, along with simple, personalized health advice

“Our proprietary HRA takes the average user only five minutes to complete, but delivers a wealth of data that health plans and healthcare providers can use to improve care,” said Ryan Sloan, CMO at Pursuant Health. “Our partnership with InComm Healthcare and Affinity gives us a new way to incentivize members to take HRAs, and creates targeted wellness rewards they can use immediately after completion.”

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