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Walmart Canada introduces rewards card


MISSISSAUGA, Ontario Walmart Canada Bank, a subsidiary of Wal-Mart Canada Corp., has announced the launch of the Walmart Rewards MasterCard, a credit card that turns everyday spending into everyday rewards through earning and redeeming Walmart Rewards.

"The Walmart Rewards MasterCard gives cardholders flexibility in earning rewards and tremendous selection on the merchandise they can redeem them for," said Trudy Fahie, president and CEO of Walmart Canada Bank. "Walmart Rewards can be earned anywhere MasterCard is accepted and used to purchase merchandise at Walmart Canada's already unbeatable prices, from groceries to electronics, depending on what cardholders need or want."

Cardholders earn 1.25% of their purchases in Walmart Rewards for virtually every dollar spent at Walmart Canada and 1% of their purchases in Walmart Rewards when used virtually anywhere else MasterCard is accepted. There are no limits on how many Walmart Rewards cardholders can earn. Walmart Rewards can be redeemed instantly on future purchases, in five dollar increments, at the cash register of any Walmart Canada store nationally.

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