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Walls + Forms unveils petite island and storage display for GPS and MP3 technology


Walls + Forms just introduced an attractive display that enables retailers to showcase the latest in GPS and MP3 technology. This compact display stores “fast moving” items within its’ two glass showcases. Place one, two or more petite island + storage displays throughout your store so store personnel can have quick access to product at point of sale. It contains Vanguard Power and Security components and has a countertop can display up to 16 devices, has two adjustable shelves, and is powered and alarmed.

The Petite Island + Storage Display includes Vanguard Power and Security components with an electrical harness with a power exiting toe-kick in rear. Its base is accessible for wire management via a trap door.

The counter has a duplex plug outlet inside base and looking glass sliding front doors. It includes a Vanguard security post, recoiler, wiring, alarm, power supply, and remote cutoff key switch. Pricing is displayed with an acrylic price tag holder that is mounted in front of each device with double-sided tape. Its acrylic face has a thumb notch for removing paper graphic. 

The overall display is 42” tall X 48” wide X 32” deep and is available in a variety of standard and custom colors. It’s a flexible, all-purpose and efficient Point of Purchase displayer.

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