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Walls + Forms rolls out T2 modular frame system


Walls + Forms just introduced the T2 modular frame system offering new horizons, inspiration, and the flexibility to change and adapt to any creative display idea. Already in use throughout Europe in major department stores, it is easy to install, looks stunning, and has a chameleon-like ability to change to suit the demands of today’s retail environment. Even a novice can add modules or walls in minutes and can change a store’s decor by simply adding plates in the desired color or colors.

T2 is a modular system that saves time and money. The concept is based on the European concept “less is more”. There is nothing complicated about the T2 system; frames, panel plates, connecting hardware and accessories are the only components involved. The frame system is based on a 41” wide lightweight frame in a choice of 93”, 79”, 67”, 54”, and 40” heights. The 5/8” MDF skinning panel mounts directly onto the aluminum frame system via a keyhole lug system. Once the skinning panel is mounted to the frame, any design configuration is possible. This easy-to-assemble modular frame system contains no complicated parts to worry about, requires minimal wall preparation, and saves up to 60% of man-hours during the installation stage.

The T2 modular system was designed for change. Modules or walls can be changed in minutes and simply adding the plates in the desired color or colors the stores decor can be changed. The easy-to-change plates simply click onto the frame. Plates are available in various sizes and colors.

T2 features accessories that are unique to the system, including a wide range of options to display products.  It offers easy concealment of cables and power outlets, easy front-loading access to power and wiring, and high load-bearing capability. Walls + Forms even has a design team on staff to customize a display to your brand.

For further information, contact Walls + Forms at 972-745-0800, [email protected]  or by visiting

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