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Wall Panels with Maximum Impact


Faux wall panels are a cost-effective option for retailers that want to create an exciting visual environment without breaking the budget — or update an existing space with no downtime. Texture Plus CEO Brian Kampe discussed some of the trends he’s seeing and how retailers can utilize these types of panels.

What are some of the visual trends you are currently seeing in retail stores?

This year we are seeing a great blending of natural materials to bring a contemporary look to traditional designs.

Visual merchandisers are taking a clean stone or brick concept and adding in elements of texture and depth for an overall richer, rustic look. It’s bringing an overall softer feel to what might have been a harsher contemporary look.

Tell us about Texture Plus and its services.

Texture Plus creates high-quality, easy-to-install faux wall panels in extraordinarily realistic brick, stone, wood, bamboo, metal and other designs. Whether a retailer is designing a single store or a multi-space program, we can offer take-offs, special pricing, drop shipping direct to locations, coordination with the general contractor, specialized team instructions, date specific delivery if required or support as needed.

We integrate with any rollout system and enjoy working with such brands as Footlocker/Champs, Body Shop, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Mark’s Warehouse and Ashley Furniture Home Stores. Our team is ready for any challenge.

What looks are the most popular?

It’s been really fun to see what is trending this year. We just barely released a new Reclaimed Modern Timber Select wall panel design to our best customers, and they are clamoring to be first in line for delivery. Our Rustic Barnwood panel orders are through the roof. We’re seeing even more interest toward rustic designs, such as Tumbled Brick.

On the color side, distressed colors are trending. We create custom colors upon request, and we’ve seen great combinations of distressed colors paired with interesting neutrals. For example, a Tumbled Brick in a creamy beige or gray has been popular.

Our top best seller is white brick in any texture. It gives just the right depth, texture and richness to be the perfect backdrop. Our white brick wall panels allow the product to shine without being overbearing.

Next in popularity is our Rustic and

Weathered Barnwood faux wall panels. Cream Frost is a favorite color in any texture for designers. It has great impact — an appealing whitewashed color with a creamy, muted feel.

Where can retailers utilize the product?

The good news is that retailers can use Texture Plus faux wall panels anywhere. Storefronts, cash wraps, signage, interiors — you name it. Whether indoors or out, we have had thousands of successful installations in all climates.

In addition, retailers can use Texture Plus wall panels in places where, because of weight considerations, they have been unable to use cultured brick and stone products. Our products are also available fire rated.

Are there a lot of design options?

Yes. We have more than 850 design options ranging from brick to stone to bamboo and more. If a project warrants it, we can also create customized textures as well as colors. Since everything is handled in-house in our New York manufacturing plant, we have complete control of the product. We control the process from start to finish, which is why we can offer custom colors, design and manufacture specialty products.

What is the installation process like?

It’s very easy. Very simply, Texture Plus faux wall panels are truly a DIY product — all easily installed with basic carpentry skills and tools. It’s a quick, clean install that takes a fraction of the time required for traditional materials. This saves our customers time and money in labor and material costs without sacrificing a high-end look.

Does the store have to close when panels are being installed?

No, this is where Texture Plus wall panels can really help the bottom line. Because our install is so easy, a number of customers shut their doors at the close of business, work the install overnight and then open with a fresh new look in the morning — all without missing a sale or disrupting customers.

Do the products come with a warranty?

Yes, Texture Plus stands behind all our quality products, and our products carry a 25-year warranty.

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