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Walgreens supports local assortments with JDA


Deerfield, Ill. – Walgreens provides localized offerings in its new and remodeled store formats. To support this effort, Walgreens has implemented JDA Software’s Category Management solution.

Walgreens can now analyze the existing performance of a planogram, using the data to answer key questions about why a category is behaving in a certain way. Planogram data is shared into all parts of the organization, including but not limited to the e-commerce, pricing, markdown, and operations teams.

The retailer is now able to give its stores an accurate, store-specific labor estimate based on their actual footage, fixture, item count and location of the specific categories.

“Since converting over to JDA, our department has really become more of a capability development department that just happens to build planograms,” said Louis Dorado, director of space management and visual merchandising for Walgreens. “We pride ourselves in having an efficient planogramming process that affords us the time to leverage the data behind all of our planograms to help optimize downstream systems by enabling better, faster and smarter decisions across the organization.”

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