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Wal-Mart supports First Lady’s health campaign


Bentonville, Ark. Expressing support of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative announced earlier Tuesday, Wal-Mart Stores drafted a letter to the First Lady underscoring the retailer’s stand on making healthy choices.

Wal-Mart executive VP corporate affairs and government relations Leslie Dach authored the one-page letter, which expressed that Wal-Mart commends Michelle Obama on the launch of the "Let’s Move" initiative that calls for better access to and greater affordability of healthy foods for all Americans.

Dach expressed a commitment to work with the White House by reducing the cost of healthy food for all Americans; finding ways to help Walmart customers get nutrition information; increasing access to healthy food, particularly in urban areas; working with suppliers to increase the healthfulness of foods sold at Walmart stores; and using its retail environment to make healthy choices easier.

Michelle Obama’s campaign to fight childhood obesity is a cause that is rapidly becoming her top policy priority. The “Let’s Move” campaign, for which Walmart has expressed support, is part of the First Lady’s stand on reducing obesity and increasing good nutrition and physical activity.

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