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Wal-Mart seeks end to re-filed gender-bias lawsuit


San Francisco -- A Tuesday report by Reuters said that Wal-Mart filed a motion on Monday to dismiss a lawsuit filed last October by a regrouping of women whose earlier gender bias class action was ended by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Plaintiffs alleging that Wal-Mart denied them pay raises and promotions because of their gender are regrouping after the Supreme Court last year dismantled a class of up to 1.5 million current and former Wal-Mart workers. The reformulated lawsuit, filed in a San Francisco federal court in October, said the women were confining their allegations to California.

But in its Monday motion to dismiss, Wal-Mart said the smaller proposed class action actually seeks to cover all women who were employed at any Walmart in any region that included a California store.

"This attempt to cobble back together the original class badly misses the point," Wal-Mart said. "Without the 'glue' of a common policy or practice holding individual claims together, there is no justification for adjudicating them collectively. And plaintiffs still fail to allege any such 'glue.'"

Wal-Mart proposed a May hearing date for its dismissal motion.

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