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Wal-Mart Partners to Drive Sustainability


Bentonville, Ark. In its continuing efforts to identify solutions to environmental challenges, Wal-Mart Stores has partnered with San Francisco-based Cleantech Group in the launch of a Web-based tool designed to accelerate the deployment of new, sustainable technologies.

“The Cleantech Accelerator Project is another example of Wal-Mart's commitment to being one of the early adopters of technologies that can improve the environment and our business operations," said Matt Kistler, senior VP of sustainability at Wal-Mart. "We believe that our partnership with the Cleantech Group will help us tap into a wide source of innovators who can provide us with fresh thinking as we move forward in our journey to become a more sustainable company."

Wal-Mart and the Cleantech Group established their partnership in October 2007. Since then, the two companies have worked together to identify the initial areas of opportunity for submissions. Through the Cleantech Accelerator Project, Wal-Mart is seeking innovative ideas in a range of areas, including wind harvesting, closed-loop water processing, organic waste and sustainable building materials.

In related news, Wal-Mart Stores announced Tuesday it has established a partnership with the National Governors Association (NGA) to help state capitols improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases.

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