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Wal-Mart Mexico Installs Photovoltaic Array


Aguascalientes, Mexico Wal-Mart Stores announced that its Mexico division has installed a photovoltaic complex that will generate 20% of the energy used by Bodega Aurrera’s location in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Over 1,056 solar panels set up on the roof of the store will transform sun energy into electricity. The project, with 174 kW installed, is the largest photovoltaic complex in Latin America, according to ANES (the Mexican Solar Energy Association), and will eliminate the emission of some 140 tons of CO2.

“This is the first large-scale project to generate energy using photovoltaic panels, not only for Wal-Mart Mexico, but for Wal-Mart International. This puts Mexico at the head of the energy field. The project reinforces our commitment to obtain all the energy the company requires from renewable sources by 2025”, said Raul Arguelles, senior VP, corporate affairs and people division at Wal-Mart Mexico.

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